We recycle together: our innovative recycling process.

elasto has specialised in the production of durable reusable plastic articles since 1980. Only pure thermoplastics are used in our production. The mixing of different materials, so-called material mixtures, is avoided. This has a decisive advantage because single-variety plastic articles are 100% recyclable. This means that resources that have already been extracted can be processed and returned to the value chain. This makes recycling the ideal solution in the sustainable use of plastics.

Through our modern recycling system, we make an important contribution to greater sustainability in the advertising media industry. We offer high quality plastic articles made from robust materials. If our boxes do eventually reach the end of their service life, we take them back free of charge and recycle them completely. All plastic items we manufacture can be returned to us cleaned at the end of their life. We separate them by colour and type and grind them. The granules obtained from this process are added to the production process again. This can be easily achieved due to the separation by type and the consistent chemical composition of the plastic. Hardly any other material has such great properties. The recyclate is turned into a new item and the cycle starts all over again. Recycled material that we do not use ourselves is made available for the manufacture of secondary products, such as waste bins.

By using recycled materials, we actively conserve resources and require fewer new raw materials. This is our contribution to the protection of the environment.